2023 Ruff N' Ready Memorial Shootout

January 14 - 15, 2023 (Tentative)

Sherwood, OR





Teams are limited to 12 players throughout the tournament.  A roster/score sheet will be turned in to the scores table prior to each game.   Every player on the roster is not required to participate in each game



  • All games will be 16-minute, stop-time halves.

  • Halftime will be 4 minutes.

  • Teams are allowed two (1) minute time-outs per half, plus one (1) minute timeout per overtime period.  Timeouts cannot be carried over.

  • The first overtime period will be two minutes, stop clock.  Each additional overtime will be one minute, stop clock.  Each overtime begins with a jump ball.

  • If a team is up by 20 points the clock will go to running time for the remainder of the game, as long as the lead stays 20 or more points.

  • Full Court Press is not allowed by teams up 20 points.

  • Any player or coach ejected from a game will not be allowed to play or coach in the next game.

  • “NO ZONE DEFENSE” in the 4th & 5th grade brackets. Man-to-man defense only!!




Pool Play tie breaker: 1.) Head to Head 2.) Head to Head Point Spread (15pt. maximum) 3.)Coin Toss.


Example: Sherwood 45 vs Newberg 42 (Newberg -3) = 1st ; Newberg 49 vs Canby 38 (Canby -11) = 3rd; Canby 50  vs Sherwood 42 (Sherwood -8) = 2nd


  • Game Ball: Provided by home team, as long as agreed upon by both coaches and referees.

  • Uniforms:  All players must have a uniform with a visible number and matching team color.  Home Team (listed on game schedules) will wear white or light colored jerseys, visitors will wear dark jerseys.  Each team is required to provide their own home and away colored jerseys.

  • Home team will be the Official Book unless a high school student is assigned at the scorer's table. (We will have scorebooks at each table).

  • No jewelry, watches, wrist bands (etc), casts of plaster, or those containing other hard features.

  • An official time keeper will be provided.  Please hand in roster before each game, so the home scorekeeper can be prepared to start games on time.