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2023-2024 Board Members

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The Sherwood Basketball Organization (SBO) is a non-profit organization (93-1295041) that provides a development-focused basketball experience for youth of all skill levels in grades 3-12 who reside within or are students of the Sherwood (OR) School District. Our programs seek to provide opportunities that promote skill development, sportsmanship, character development, and a passion for the game of basketball.


SBO's goals are:

  1. To ensure the player and youth are put first and foremost.

  2. To allow our players the opportunities to learn “life lessons” that have value beyond the basketball court.

  3. To provide a safe, fun, and competitive learning environment for all levels of youth athletes.

  4. To build a sense of pride within the community and the organization.

  5. To ensure fair and equitable treatment of all players, coaches, families, and volunteers.


  • President: Brandon Maskew

  • VP of Classic Boys: Mike O'Connell

  • VP of Classic Girls: Meagan Bozeman

  • VP of Youth Rec: Dan Bailey

  • VP of High School Rec: Jessica Colli

  • Secretary: Larissa Jones

  • Treasurer: Jonny Howard


  • Registrar and Website Coordinator: Chiqui Flowers

  • Apparel and Uniform Coordinator: Heather Flower

  • Rec Referee Coordinator: Jeff Flowers

  • Gym Coordinator/s: Alison Meiners and Steve Meiser

  • Girls Classic Assistant: Lee Sitton

  • Youth Rec Assistant: Reid Schooler

  • Community Outreach and Sponsorship Coordinator/s: Becky DeBorde and Nicole Menchaca

  • Members-at-Large: Matt Elliot, Eric Evans, Nick Pitts, and Cheryl Stomberg



  • High School Boys Head Coach: Rahim Tufts

  • High School Girls Head Coach: Matt Sanders



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