2021 Rumble in the Wood

December 17 - 19, 2021

Sherwood, OR

The “Sherwood Boys Rumble in the Wood” is an Official Qualifier for the 2022 Oregon Mid High Basketball State Tourney to be held in Salem on Feb 25-27, 2022 (Girls) & March 4-6, 2022 (Boys).  Tournament information can be found at www.statetourney.com.

All teams are guaranteed 4 games. Games will be played Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of a few games Friday night. The schedule will be posted 7 days prior to the tournament. Game times begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and most championship games will begin at around 3:30 p.m. on  Sunday. Tournament will be limited to the first teams to register in each grade level. Your team will not be scheduled in the tournament bracket until your registration form and fee have been received.

Divisions will be divided up by grade, 5th-8th with A&B divisions at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels. If there are not enough teams, then we will combine divisions. If we need to combine, we will contact coaches on their preferences.


  • $275 per team

  • There is a team discount if signing up 3+ teams at the same time

  • Full refunds will be given with a 21-day written notice. If requesting a refund less than 21 days and if the spot you are vacating can be filled then a refund will be given minus a $50 processing fee. If requesting a refund within 21 days and the tournament is full and the spot cannot be filled then no refund will be given.



Games will be two 20-minute running halves. There will be a 5-minute warm up period between games.The last two minutes of each half will be stop time. If a team has a 20-point or greater lead the clock will continue to run the last two minutes of the game. Halftime will be 4 minutes. First and second overtimes will be 2 minutes of stop time and the third over time will be sudden death.

Coaches will be allowed 2 time-outs per half, with each timeout being 1 minute in length. There will be no additional timeouts awarded during overtime.


Tie-Breaker Rules:

1. Head-to-head  2. Points allowed in pool games   3. Coin flip


  • Players and coaches are free 

  • Admission is free on Friday

  • Kids (17 and below): Free

  • Adults (18 & over):  $5

  • Seniors (62+): $3



Please email boystournament@sherwoodbasketball.com.

Tournament is now sold out. See you at the tournament!