Sherwood Youth Basketball

Having fun, building skills and providing an environment for the physical and emotional well being of our youth is the objective of the Sherwood Basketball Organization. Safety must be a priority. This policy gives general guidelines to coaches, assistant coaches, parents and players to help provide a safe playing environment for our youth.

Call 911 immediately for any serious injuries. Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue can respond in approximately 3 minutes. Be sure to tell them which gym you are at and have a spotter look for TVFR personnel and guide them to the injured person. It is recommended that a coach, assistant coach or parent have a mobile phone at every practice and game. Do not leave the injured person unattended.

As a coach, the health and safety of your team members are entrusted to your care. Provide adequate supervision to avoid foreseeable injuries and accidents. Be sure your players arrive at the scheduled time, not before supervision is not available.

Always have players warm up prior to practices and games. Provide water breaks and encourage players to drink appropriate fluids before, during and after playing.

Maintain a well-stocked first-aid kit. A first aid kit is required at all practices and games. To restock any supplies contact Tim Scott at (503) 209-2246.

All accidents/incidents where first aid is required must be reported to the SBO Board Member within 24 hours. All accidents/incidents must be reported on the SBO "Preliminary Accident Report" form and submitted to a SBO Board Member.

Blows to the head should be monitored carefully for possible concussions. If a child receives a head injury, the coach or assistant coach should observe for signs of nausea and/or disorientation. These are telltale signs of a concussion; it is recommended that the parent be notified immediately and the child be referred to a qualified physician for an examination.

Medical release and medical information forms for each player will be with the coach at all practices and games. If the coach is not in attendance an assistant coach must have the forms at the gym.

At no time should "horse play" be permitted in the gym.

Players cannot wear watches, jewelry, rings, pins or other metallic/jewelry items.

Teach your players not to play through pain. If a player gets seriously injured, recommend he/she see a doctor. Follow all the doctor's orders for recovery, and get the doctor's consent before the player returns to play.

Coaches should enforce all the rules of the game, encourage safe play, and understand the the special injury risks that young players face. They should never allow players to hold, block, push, trip or charge opponents.

Always inspect the gym floor and sweep it, if a broom is available, before any game or practice.

Coaches, assistant coaches, players and parents are responsible to keep a neat and clean gym.

Survey the gym for objects or items that the players may run into, slip on or otherwise cause injury (i.e. chairs, score tables, shirts, sweats, loose balls, etc.). Remove these potentially hazardous items from your playing area.

Wipe up any moisture, water or spills off of the gym floors. Keep the gym floors dry and clean.

It is recommended that all players wear clean dry basketball shoes.

Be careful with players who wear glasses. Suggest straps or playing goggles to those players who wear glasses. If necessary, suggest the parent(s) talk to an eye doctor about sports eyewear.

Provide a safe environment.

Properly plan the activity.

Warn of inherent risks in the sport.

Supervise the activity closely.

Evaluate athletes for injury and or incapacitation.

Know emergency procedures and first aid.

Keep adequate records.

SBO encourages its coaches to enroll in a first aid and/or CPR class.

Bring a mobile phone or know where the nearest telephone is located in case of
emergency call.

Continually educate yourself with the game of basketball and learn proper techniques, procedures and skills.