Sherwood Youth Basketball

2020 State Qualified Teams

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Congrats to Coach Maughan's 6th Grade Gold team for qualifying for the State Tournament...already!!

TRL Classic League Website

See above for the 2019/2020 Classic tryout schedules.

Looking for Three Rivers League game schedules or rules?

Their website link is HERE.

This is for "league" games only, not for tournaments. Your coach will provide you tournament schedules.

Classic Info

All Teams have been selected.

If your athlete does not make a Classic team, he/she will be automatically enrolled in the Rec program, the cost difference will be refunded to you, and your athlete should plan to attend Rec evaluations to be drafted on a team.

Classic Player Selection

Selection Group. SBO may choose to have the high school coaching staff help select teams or may approve a "selection group" comprised of at least one SBO board member, one independent advisor and a group of coaches. The "selection group" will, directly following tryouts for each grade, select and place classic players. No individual will be allowed to take part in any selection process that includes their son(s) and or daughter(s). Selection criteria are discussed in 4b. Each selection meeting shall be presided over by the respective SBO Classic VP for that gender. In the event that they are unable to perform this duty, the SBO Board will designate their replacement.

Selection Criteria. The "Selection Group" shall make their decisions based on, but not limited to each players; (a) skills, (b)work ethic, (c) potential to improve, (d)ability to satisfy a particular need on the team (e.g. large post player or point guard), (e) demonstrated ability to get along with coach(es). (f) ability to get along with teammates, (g) their commitment to the team, and (h) attitude and sportsmanship. All prospective members of a classic team must try out, including coaches son(s) and or daughter(s) who desire to be on the team. If a player is unable to try out due to extraneous circumstances (e.g. broken bone), and still desires to be eligible for placement on a classic team, notice of their specific circumstance(s) must be given to their classic VP and the SBO President prior to their try out date for consideration of "eligibility". If the VP and president allow a requested exemption, the "Selection Group" can, without the player attending tryouts, view that player as eligible for placement on a classic team. The SBO Board will do its best to schedule tryouts as to not conflict with other sporting activities. However, said commitments to other sporting activities will not be viewed as extraneous circumstances.

Independent Advisors. SBO will approve any and all independent advisors on all "Selection Groups". Independent advisors may include impartial SBO Board members, present and former classic coaches who will not coach basketball at the grade level that is trying out, and Sherwood High School basketball head and assistant coaches. As stated in 4a: no independent advisor will be allowed to select and place any classic players for any grade in which their son(s) and or daughter(s) are trying out.

SBO will develop the format for tryouts and conduct the tryouts in a manner that best allows the selection group to evaluate each player. SBO may opt to have the high school coaching staff assist with developing and conducting the tryouts.

Team Notification Process

Players will be notified if they have made a classic team via email.


Once a player has been placed on a team, no refunds will be given. Players trying out for a classic team who are not selected will be automatically moved in the recreational evaluation pool. Any player not selected to a classic team who would like to withdraw from the league must notify the Registrar, in writing, within five days after classic teams are announced. After those five days have passed, no refunds will be given. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.SHERWOODBASKETBALL.COM