Sherwood Youth Basketball

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Sherwood Basketball Organization ("SBO")?

a. SBO is a non-profit organization that supports youth basketball for the youth and students of Sherwood.

b. We offer recreational options ("Rec") and competitive options ("Classic").

2. When is the season?

a. Classic runs from mid-October through mid-March. Tryouts are held in late October, practices and games start in November and can run through mid-March. Each team participates in a league and plays 16 league games against other Portland-area teams.Teams can also sign up for tournaments from mid-November through mid-March. There is additional cost to playing Classic.

b. Rec runs from November through February. All players have evaluations in late October / early November. Teams are selected and practices start in mid-November. The first Saturday in December is Jamboree, and regular games start mid-December and run through the last weekend in February.

3. How old do you have to be?

a. Both boys and girls players from 3 rd grade through high school can play in the Recreational-level program.

b. Some grades have Classic level teams. These teams require a tryout and not all players who tryout will be selected for a Classic team. Typically, 5 th - 8 th grades will have Classic teams available. Depending on gym availability, we try to offer 4th grade Classic as well.

c. If you want options for younger grades, the YMCA offers basketball options for ages 3 through 8.

4. What is the level of competition?

a. The Rec program has all levels of player, from beginning to skilled. The Classic program has competitive teams that require a tryout.

5. How many games will my child play?

a. Classic players will play 30-50 games during the season. Games can be weeknights, Saturdays, or Sundays.

b. 3 rd - 8 th grade Rec players will play 9-10 games during the season on Saturdays only. They will also have two evening practices during the week.

c. High School Rec players will have 8-12 games during the season, mostly on Saturday but sometimes on weeknights. They may also have one evening practice during the week.

6. What is the difference between Classic and Rec?

a. Classic is a more competitive level of play that requires a try out. The classic program typically begins in 5 th grade (some years 4th) and goes through 8 th grade.

b. Rec is for all levels of play; if your child registers and tries out for classic but does not make a team, he or she will automatically be included in the rec program.

c. If you want your child to try out for a Classic team, you must register them as a Classic player and pay the Classic registration fees up front. If your child does not make a Classic team, you will be refunded the amount above and beyond the Rec fees and your child will be automatically registered for Rec. If on a Classic team, you will have additional costs for a Classic uniform, tournament fees (depends on the team as to how many tournaments they play in), and travel costs associated with the tournaments (local area, Seaside, Seattle, Bend, and other locations are possible).

d. The high school aged players only participate in Rec (there is not Classic option in high school, only the school team).

7. How are the classic teams structured?

a. Our goal is to have as many Sherwood youth playing basketball at an appropriately competitive level.

b. For boys Classic, there are typically two or three classic teams at each grade level in Sherwood (5 th , 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th ). This can vary depending on the number of players, the skill level, and the availability of coaches and gym space. When space if available, a 4th grade classic team will be fielded.

c. For girls Classic, there are typically one or two classic teams at each grade level in Sherwood (4 th , 5 th , 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th ). This can vary depending on the number of players, the skill level, and the availability of coaches and gym space.

d. Teams typically consist of 10-12 players. This may vary depending on specific circumstances.

8. Can my child "play up"?

a. Unfortunately we don't allow players to play at a higher grade level. Each player must play at their school grade level.

9. How do you choose coaches?

a. All coaches are required to pass a background check, perform concussion training, and apply or interview with league board members.

b. Classic coaches are chosen through an interview process with members of the league board. These coaches can be outside, paid coaches; or can be volunteer parent coaches.

c. Rec coaches are typically parents of the players participating.

10. How do you choose Classic teams?

a. The league holds tryout sessions where players will be evaluated for skill, knowledge, and position.

b. Independent evaluators are used to assess the players during this process. Parents of the grade level being evaluated cannot be an evaluator for that session.

c. No parents are allowed in the gym during the tryout sessions.

d. See the league calendar for tryout dates and times.

11. How do you choose Rec teams?

a. We have player evaluations in order to help coaches assess the current ability of the available players and be able to intelligently draft players so we can have teams that are as balanced as possible. If a player is unable to attend a recreational evaluation, the player will be picked in a random manner and assigned to a team.

12. When is registration?

a. Registration begins on August 1 st and is done online through the deadline at the beginning of October. We do not allow "walk up" registrations at Classic tryouts or Rec evaluations. If we have too many registrants, or if you have a late registration, your child will be placed on a waiting list and not guaranteed to be on a team.

13. What about Winter Break?

a. There are games on the Saturday leading into Winter Break. No other games are played until school is back in session.

14. When will my child's practice times be?

a. Practice times are assigned to coaches once the teams are formed in early November. Your child is expected to regularly attend practices. If he or she cannot make it, you must inform your coach prior to the practice. We cannot make exceptions to practice times or team assignments due to other conflicts. Your child is part of a team and should consider this a commitment to the team.

15. Who will be my child's coach?

a. We will not know who your child's coach will be until after Classic tryouts and Rec evaluations. Teams are formed at that time.

16. What is the cost?

a. Registration fees can be adjusted year to year depending on needs and underlying costs, but generally are around $150.00 for Rec and $350.00 for Classic.

b. If your child plays Classic, there will be additional costs. This can add up to be several hundred dollars during the season. These costs include:

* Tournament entry fees & travel costs for attending tournaments (amount depends on how many and which tournaments your team decides to play, whether you stay overnight in a hotel, etc.)

* Total costs for the season can be a thousand dollars or more over the course of a season when you include registration, uniform, travel, hotel, gas, etc.

17. What are the rules?

a. See the rules document on the website.

18. Are you run by the city? Or the school district?

a. We are a non-profit that runs the basketball league. We work with the city, the school district, and a team of volunteers to make this happen.

b. Sherwood elementary schools and middle schools do not have school-sponsored teams, so we fill that gap.

c. Sherwood High School has school-sponsored teams, but not everyone makes a team. We provide an opportunity for high school students to continue to participate in basketball if they don't make the school-sponsored teams.

19. What if my older student wants to be a referee?

a. Please contact the referee coordinator at You can find the email under the Board listing on the website.

20. How can I get involved with SBO?

a. There are many ways a person can get involved and help out. We are always looking for men and women who want to coach and work with the kids directly. Another way is by being a team parent and helping plan snacks, disperse information, and plan end of the year parties. Serving on the SBO board is another way to get involved. From scheduling to keeping track of the finances, ordering uniforms to coordinating referees, working with promoting the SBO in our community to helping out with the player evaluation gatherings, SBO board positions are ultimately a group of parents who care about kids and put their care into action by helping out.

21. What if I have a concern about something that happened in a game?

a. The best thing to do is to contact the Vice President who is overseeing the gender of the players who were playing. See the About Us page for a email link to the correct person.

22. Will my child get a chance to play, even if they have never played basketball before?

a. Many kids who play in the SBO have not ever played organized basketball. Because we are helping youth learn and play the game of basketball, we invite kids to play no matter what their ability level. At the recreational level, we try to keep our team sizes at 10 or under so kids get a chance to play a MINIMUM of 2 full quarters or each and every game.

23. What if my child decides not to play after being placed on a team, can I get my money back?

a. Unfortunately you cannot. Once your child is placed on a team, any team, the registration fee becomes non-refundable.

24. My child would like to play with a certain coach, or with certain players, is that possible?

a. Only if they are drafted on the same team. Unfortunately there are no special pairings to accommodate such requests.

25. Are scholarships available?

a. Absolutely! The SBO will never keep a player from playing due to financial reasons. Send a note to the Registrar for an application. The registrar is the only person to see personal details as the information is kept highly confidential. The board has a scholarship committee that will review and approve an anonymized version of the application. Scholarships are for registration feels only (both Rec and Classic), but not for other Classic costs such as uniforms, tournaments, or travel.